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A Company Focused On Brands, Patents and Projects.

With 25 years of experience in the international trade of brands, licenses and products, AKION is an ideal partner for many brands and loyalty companies. AKION is not only a provider of brands, but also an investor and creator of innovative ideas and projects.


Our Offers.

AKION specializes in the marketing of brands, licenses and patents and has a broad portfolio of its own and third-party brands.

Rent A Brand

Sell your goods safely and reliably under a well-known brand to the target country, without being tied to long-term contracts and agreements.

With the AKION “Rent A Brand” partnership you have the opportunity to rent brands for predetermined products in agreed countries and markets for a certain period of time in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Buy A Brand

Why spend years building a brand when you can buy it too. Save time and resources by buying a well-known brand.

AKION is an international supplier of well-known brands.

Be A Licensee

AKION invests in brands and licenses for various product classes such as household, kitchen, electronics, sports and fashion.

The AKION business model is unique in the consumer industry and has many advantages for licensees. Thanks to the awareness of the licensed brand, higher margins and larger sales can be achieved faster and more efficiently.

AKION owns several brands and licenses.

Investing In Patents

Every innovative idea should have the opportunity to be implemented.

AKION supports Engineers in the implementation and marketing of
their ideas.

We Build Business

What uses the best vision at the wrong time, the most beautiful product outside of the trend. Investing in areas that establish themselves and grow into globally recognized companies and brands, manufacture products that are trendy or represent the trend, you need the right ideas, the professional partners and the right brands.

AKION has specialized in the development and implementation of innovative ideas and products.

Brand Brooker

The AKION business model is unique in the consumer industry and has many advantages for brand owners and licensees. The awareness of the licensed brand enables higher margins and higher sales to be achieved faster and more efficiently.

AKION gives you access to world-famous brands.


Brands and Partners.

Some of our Partners and Brands

We have a portfolio of well-know brands – Please contact us for more


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